Friday, January 7, 2011

I got this idea on the way home


Well, actually, I got part of it at my "Outside the box" group (formerly known as Scrapbook Book Club but we still often call in "book club" tonight).  We were visited by Cheryl Waters who had just stopped by Stampington.  She brought by a number of Stampington magazines that we passed around & perused.  While there were so many beautiful photographs & various types of art, several of the art pieces caught my eye that had a painted background with some areas of lighter area where the artist wrote different things.  On my drive home I got to thinking about how Melanie Testa uses tracing paper in her work & I wondered if it might lighten things up enough to see what I wrote on top.  I started out by writing out the basics on the tracing paper first.  Then I glued it down & kept playing.

If you can't read my writing ;) it says:
I so enjoy pondering. Playing Reading Being ridiculously silly Drinking coffee Living in a town with an ocean view Music Making things Friends